Company Profile

CORIMEC Italiana S.p.A has been operating for decades in the construction industry, as well as in the field of design and development of prefabricated dwelling units. From the beginning of its activity as a manufacturer of mobile unitsCORIMEC has developed its potential by specializing in the realization of base camps and turn-key projects. Throughout the years, it has become a supplier of the most important Companies, developing Living Camps for the Oil & Gas and mining industry, as well as Government, Military and Civil Authorities

CORIMEC offers a wide range of solutions, even totally “Customized” to meet individual requirements, for the widest possible uses. In this specific sector, it can boast about its collaboration with international Peace Forces, Emergency Services and Civil Defence Organizations in Italy and abroad.

Today CORIMEC is in a position to design and complete whole dwelling developments with advanced solutions and technologies.

The perfect synergy of the industrial process is guaranteed by the EN ISO 9001:2000 certification applied to each manufacturing stage so the client is sure to receive a high quality service.

In its role as General Contractor, CORIMEC is a reality which is organically present in the major national and international investment plans and works in close cooperation with the appropriate government structures and with qualified international partners.
The numerous works executed and the technical and financial references it can rely on, are a guarantee of CORIMEC’s value and professionalism that, throughout the years, has changed from a classical industrial enterprise into a concern capable of offering advanced services, standing out for its reliability in the development of global projects.

Effective 10 December 2014, CORIMEC has become a part of EDILSIDER S.p.A., operating since 1963 at an international level in the same field of activity.

The joint strengths of the two Companies has generated a new win-win proposition for our Customers. 

  • We are present in more Countries;
  • We have a stronger capacity;
  • We have a reinforced expertise in terms of engineering, design and purchasing;
  • We can invest more in research and development;
  • We now have a wider and more diversified product range;
  • We have access to greater resources, in terms of specialized staff and technology.

Whatever the form of investment you choose, the purchase of a single module or a complex turn key business in a remote area, you will find in us a partner of choice, a solid reference point, a team able to select, support and finalize your investments at 360 degrees, always guaranteeing the best results to satisfy your specific needs.