Prefabricated Buildings

The Prefabricated Building is the most versatile solution to utilize as either a living or office accommodation to be rapidly deployed in critical environments throughout the world. 

It optimizes the overall functionality of the provided space.  The building is designed as a “single, stand-alone concept”. The structure, the plants, the interior finishing are studied as a unique system rather than “multiple pieces”.  This way, the structure and utilities are optimized. It can be considered the best solution for customized projects especially when particular characteristics (internal heights, partitions, centralized plants) are required which the standard modular units cannot easily satisfy.

The buildings include all accessory elements and are supplied disassembled. All prefabricated components are packaged and ready to be shipped in ISO-size shipping containers.

Each building is provided complete with all necessary electrical system, including air-conditioning units.

Each structural member is the result of a careful choice that guarantees both the resistance and the uniformity of the steel profiles, in order to minimize the number of components and contain costs.

The structures have also been designed to withstand the seismic and hurricane actions.

The design has been carried out espcially taking into consideration the ease of assembly and erection, in order to allow untrained and unskilled manpower to erect the modules utilizing “standard” tools and standard handling equipment. 

The pre-engineered structural frame and connection joints are factory made, pre-cut and pre-holed to avoid as much as possible on site work for an easy and faster erection.

The engineering of the structures focused on a modular design, in order to enable any extension of the existing buildings in longitudinal and vertical directions without limits through the replacement of a few different components.

The surface protection and the choice of proper material grant a very long life-span, even if exposed to the most critical environmental and climatic conditions.

Due to the construction characteristics, the prefabricated buildings can be easily disassembled, re-packaged and relocated without compromizing the quality and the functionality of the components, simply utilising some consumable items.