The production of an energy-efficient and cost-effective module is one of the main design aim at Corimec.

The selection of appropriate materials and components, combined with optimized design, allows achieving the best balance between energy consumption and carbon emissions.

All Corimec EE come with a basic insulation value of R-20 for walls, roof, and foundation. This insulation value is the best compromise between energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and minimum panel thickness.

All Corimec EE can be supplied with high-energy efficiency solutions for walls and roofs, up to R-40.



CORIMEC EE | corimec EE 01
CORIMEC EE | corimec EE 02

The perimeter walls are made of self-supporting monolithic modular metal panels with a thickness of 80 mm. These panels consist of pre-painted galvanized sheet supports with mineral wool insulation. The external walls are guaranteed to have a fire reaction classification according to EN: A2-s1, d0, and a fire resistance of 60 minutes (EI60) according to UFC 1-201-01.


It is possible to add an additional layer of wall to increase energy efficiency. The wall system consists of two layers, one external as described above and one internal made with 40 mm thick polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation. This solution ensures an overall wall insulation factor "K" of 0.30 W/m² K (R20 value).


The roof is composed of self-supporting monolithic metal panels made with pre-painted galvanized steel sheet supports and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation. The proposed solution involves the use of a corrugated panel with a thickness of 80 + 40, providing insulation with a value of 0.27 W/m²K (R21 value). This panel achieves an EN fire reaction class of B-s2, d0.


The proposed system provides continuous insulation throughout the module envelope, thereby avoiding any thermal bridging.


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