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Born in 1983 in Fossadello di Caorso, a small Italian village in the province of Piacenza, CORIMEC designs and develops prefabricated housing modules for various uses and sectors. With involvement in military and humanitarian operations in Kosovo (1998 - 1999), Afghanistan (Enduring Freedom, 2001 - 2016), and Iraq (Second Gulf War, 2003 - 2011), Corimec has become a reference point for the military, the humanitarian, emergency, and civil protection sectors.

CORIMEC has secured a prominent position in significant global investment programs and has developed relationships with governmental entities and reputable international institutions. Through collaborations with clients such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations (UN), CORIMEC has gained substantial expertise in managing large, complex global projects in challenging and demanding environmental conditions.




CORIMEC aims to be the reference point globally for the design and construction of turnkey living camps for military and humanitarian missions. CORIMEC provides comprehensive solutions, designed and produced in-house, thereby guaranteeing total quality for the customer.









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The elements that define CORIMEC's identity and its values, directly stem from the needs of its historical clients—the ones who have contributed to making it a prominent player in the global market. Armies, government agencies, humanitarian organizations, and businesses operating in the military sector, request CORIMEC to design sturdy turnkey living camps capable of withstanding the most extreme environmental and climatic conditions.

Depending on the sectors, the housing modules must meet very precise and stringent quality requirements. This has always prompted CORIMEC to continuously challenge its knowledge and expertise, to adapt them to the new standards demanded by clients.

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CORIMEC has embraced the sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations as a strategy, for a more sustainable future for all. CORIMEC's modules are designed to ensure maximum comfort for the user, taking into account the challenging climatic conditions of military and humanitarian living camp areas.

Wherever possible, CORIMEC uses eco-friendly materials that are non-harmful to the environment, recyclable, and durable over time.

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Our company has implemented an Organization, Management, and Control Plan ("Model of Organization, Management, and Control") in accordance with Italian Government Legislative Decree No. 231/2001. This decree introduced into the Italian legal system the direct responsibility of companies for crimes committed by administrators, executives, their subordinates, and other individuals acting on behalf of the company when the illicit conduct is carried out in the interest or to the advantage of the concerned company.


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