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Corimec is the most commonly used solution for rapidly deployable living camps worldwide. Corimec is a relocatable module that can be easily moved, assembled, disassembled, repackaged, stacked, and relocated multiple times without compromising the quality and functionality of its elements.

Corimec's unique and innovative system features a Flat-pack configuration, specifically designed to ensure cost savings on transportation through volume optimization, as well as easy and quick handling.

The structure has been engineered to withstand the stresses induced by handling, lifting, or transportation by truck, railway, or sea.

Once assembled, the structures also withstand seismic actions and hurricanes.

Corimec modules can be coupled to create large buildings and can be stacked up to 3 floors.

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Four flat-pack modules can be stacked in a bundle, making Corimec an extremely cost-effective product.

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Inside the flat-pack, wall panels, panels with doors and windows, finishing profiles, and the pre-installed ceiling electrical system are stacked.

The design has been studied with particular consideration for ease of assembly and installation, allowing untrained and unskilled men to install the modules using only standard tools and handling equipment.

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Thanks to a qualified assembly system, the entire Corimec module can be easily assembled within four hours by two operators.

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The engineering of the structure focuses on a modular design that allows for further expansion of existing buildings in any direction, through the replacement of a few different components. This enables the configuration of various building types, also with the addition of specially designed accessories such as stairs, walkways, canopies, and double roofs.



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Over the years, CORIMEC has developed various variations of its product to adapt to the ever-changing market needs, demonstrating expertise in the field of modular construction.




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