CORIMEC is qualified to carry out turnkey projects through design-build or customized projects, adapting to the client's needs. The company provides a comprehensive service that includes planning, design, engineering, civil works, equipment supply, procurement, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of entire Living Camps. Our experience is backed by qualified professionals and experts specialized in their respective fields of project management, production, assembly, and implementation.



In collaboration with our contractual partners, CORIMEC has developed a strong network of clients for turnkey projects. We are continually committed to improving our services, aiming to ensure that our clients receive quality aligned with the highest international standards.

All profiles, molds, and components used by CORIMEC are produced in-house, ensuring the Group total manufacturing flexibility. This enables customized programs and, above all, a complete and autonomous production structure.




As a leader in the field of temporary and permanent modular buildings, CORIMEC boasts extensive experience in providing products and services to a wide range of international clients across various industries.

The versatility and flexibility of our high-quality products have led to their success in numerous settings, including housing, offices, schools, medical centers, hospitals, dining facilities, gyms, warehouses, and many other applications. Specifically, our modules play a crucial role in military, emergency, civilian, as well as Oil & Gas industry sectors. This underscores the adaptability of our products to diverse operational contexts, confirming our presence as a reliable partner capable of meeting a wide range of needs.