Containerized Units

The Containerized Unit is the most common solution utilized as either living or office accommodation to be rapidly deployed in critical environments throughout the world.

The units are supplied in a flat-pack configuration, including all prefabricated components and electrical system.

The structure has been designed to withstand, without any problems, any stress induced by handling, lifting or transport by trucks, rail or sea.

The structures have been also designed to withstand the seismic and hurricane actions.

The design has been carried out especially taking into consideration the ease of assembly and erection, in order to allow untrained and unskilled manpower to install the modules utilizing “standard” tools or minor electrical tools and the standard handling equipment.

The engineering of the structures focuses on a modular design which enables a further extension of the existing buildings in any direction without limits through the replacement of a few different components.

The internal partitions can be easily added or removed, without compromising the structural soundness. Due to the flexibility of the design and the interchangeability of the wall panels, the location of the doors and windows can be changed during the erection as well as the external panels and doors can be used for internal usage, if necessary.

The surface protection and the choice of proper material grant a very long life-span, even if exposed to the most critical environmental and climatic conditions.

Due to the construction characteristics, the containerized units can be easily disassembledre-packaged and relocated without compromising the quality and the functionality of the components, simply utilising some consumable items.